Domestic Violence Defense Lawyer

Colorado domestic violence prosecutions

The consequences of a domestic violence conviction are far-reaching. Consult with a lawyer before considering any plea of guilty.

In Colorado, all it takes is an accusation of domestic violence to turn your life upside down. If probable cause—a low and flexible standard—is met, an officer must arrest the accused. Criminal proceedings and a mandatory restraining order follow, often forcing the accused out of his home. Relationships, reputations, and careers can be lost before the accused has a chance to clear his name. Jail and prison are on the table for most domestic violence cases, and even the most minor cases can lead to lengthy probation with court-ordered therapy. This strong response to allegations of domestic violence is well-intentioned, but the reality for someone falsely or lightly accused is harsh.

False accusations in domestic violence cases are common– jealousy, intoxication, custody battles, or animosity can provide the motive to lie or exaggerate. Police are rarely able to evaluate issues like self-defense on the scene, so they simply arrest. It takes a skilled criminal defense lawyer to untangle and counter the government’s evidence, to tell your story and defend you.

Matthew Hand is a talented criminal defense lawyer who is on your side from the start. As a former prosecutor with extensive trial experience, he has handled hundreds of domestic violence cases and knows how to find the weakness in the government’s case and get the best results for you. He knows the system is flawed, and works tirelessly to provide compassionate and strong defense for you in these tough times.

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