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Defending You | Protecting Your Future

Good people make mistakes, and innocent people are often wrongly accused of crimes. Too often, though, merely being charged can turn someone’s life upside down—jobs are lost, or families divided, even in minor cases. Whether fighting to establish your innocence, to keep you out of jail, or to obtain a plea bargain that allows you to keep your job, Matthew Hand is committed to defending you and protecting your future.

DUI Expertise

DUI Cases

Matthew Hand has handled hundreds of DUI cases in and around Denver, including case analysis, investigation, DMV hearings, litigation of constitutional claims, plea negotiation, sentencing mitigation, and of course, trial. Matthew Hand has litigated dozens of DUI hearings, and of his 40+ jury trials, 17 were DUI and DUID (Ambien, marijuana, meth) trials.

DUI Training

Matthew Hand has received both prosecution and defense-focused DUI training, including a certificate in administration of Standardized Field Sobriety Tests used by police in Colorado. He regularly attends conferences dedicated to DUI litigation, including courses on marijuana and drug impairment, challenging blood and breath-testing science, and much more.

DUI Defense: Recent Successes

Every case is different. The results below came from hard work and skill applied to situations with feasible legal or factual defenses.
They are not intended to suggest what result you will obtain in your case.

People v. John Doe 2016 (Arapahoe County)

Acquitted client of all charges in jury trial on DUI, reckless driving, and interlock evasion where the reporting party was an off-duty police officer who claimed to observe my client driving the wrong way on…

People vs. John Doe 2015 (Clear Creek County)

Jury trial acquitted client on DUI and DWAI charges after successfully exposing the exaggerations and bias of the arresting officer.

People vs. John Doe 2013 (Jefferson County)

DUI/DWAI charges dismissed after a hearing in which the court agreed with defense that police had violated my client's 4th Amendment right to be free from unreasonable searches and seizures.

People Vs. John Doe 2014 (Adams County)

DUI/DWAI charges dismissed after a hearing in which the court agreed with defense that my client's fundamental right to take a chemical test were violated when the police construed his actions as refusal.

Why People Choose Us

Former Prosecutor

As a former deputy district attorney, Matthew Hand has prosecuted everything from traffic crimes to serious felonies, personally handling hundreds of DUI and domestic violence cases. Mr. Hand has also received specialized state training, from DNA analysis to accident reconstruction. We know how to find the weakness in the government’s case, and how to use that weakness to obtain better results for you.

Legal Skill

Matthew Hand graduated with honors from top-ranked NYU Law, and has appellate as well as trial experience. Even seemingly simple charges— assault or drug possession— can involve complex questions of constitutional rights. We can take charge of your defense, no matter how complex.

Trial Talent and Experience

There is a huge gap between the best and worst trial lawyers, and most lawyers hardly ever go to trial. Matthew Hand has won the majority of dozens of jury trials, from petty drug offenses to attempted 1st degree murder. This matters, even if you want to avoid trial and take a plea offer: the district attorney is much more likely to negotiate a favorable plea bargain with a lawyer who is a threat to win the trial. And if you do choose to go to trial? There is no substitute for a talented, experienced, and aggressive trial lawyer on your side.

Personal Commitment

Your defense is only as good as the quality and commitment of the attorney who stands beside you in court. When you hire us, Matthew Hand is your attorney for every critical stage of your case– you will not be handed off to an inexperienced associate. Matthew Hand is personally committed to seeking the best possible result for you, to leaving no stone unturned in your defense, and to making this difficult time easier for you.

Colorado DUI Laws

And what an experienced DUI lawyer can do for you

Drunk driving is an important public safety concern, but Colorado’s DUI (driving under the influence) laws are some of the toughest in the country, sweeping drunk drivers as well as many safe drivers into the criminal justice system. The trigger for DWAI (driving while ability impaired) liability in Colorado is a BAC as low as .05, which is about 2 drinks for most people. The trigger for DUI is not much higher: .08. If you refuse a test, you will likely lose your driver’s license and the DA can still prosecute you.

In Colorado, the penalties for DUI or DWAI escalate quickly if you have any priors, with increasing mandatory jail for subsequent offenses. But every case is different, and punishment for DUI convictions varies greatly. Some judges routinely impose lengthy jail sentences without too much regard for mitigating circumstances, while others are more nuanced. Very few Colorado judges would be considered “soft” on DUI sentencing.

A skilled DUI defense lawyer protects your license and gives you the best chance of dismissal or acquittal at trial, or at least a plea offer and sentence that reduce or avoid jail.

The best Denver DUI lawyers have specialized training and experience to challenge the government’s scientific evidence, and to pick apart the officer’s observations of intoxication.  If your rights were violated, if the police or laboratory did not follow proper procedures, a DUI lawyer may be able to suppress evidence or get the case dismissed.  If a trial is necessary, you need a lawyer with DUI trial experience, who can tell your story and fight for you in court. This is a specialized area of law, and you should not entrust your defense to anyone but a skilled DUI lawyer.

If you’ve been charged, you need to consult with DUI attorney as soon as possible, as there are strict deadlines that affect your ability to defend your driver’s license and prepare for trial.   Matthew Hand has handled hundreds of DUI and DWAI cases, and has received specialized DUI training both as a prosecutor and defense attorney.  He knows how to protect your driver’s license, how to pursue dismissal on constitutional or technical grounds, how to attack the government’s case at trial, and when it is wiser to negotiate a plea offer and fight for a fair sentence, one that emphasizes probation instead of jail. No stone will be left unturned in defense of your reputation and freedom.

DUI Frequently Asked Questions

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