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Yes: if you are convicted of a drug crime that occurred while you were receiving federal student financial aid, it would make you ineligible for financial aid for some time, whether you are at University of Colorado, University of Denver, Metro State, or any other Colorado college. You may even have to repay some of the aid that you had already received this period. You may be able to regain eligibility by completing drug rehabilitation, but only if you have no more than 1 conviction for distribution of drugs, and no more than 2 total drug convictions. For details see the federal student aid website, here.

This is one example of the dangerous collateral consequences of criminal convictions—many charged with minor first time offenses plead guilty if they hear that the DA is not asking for jail. Only later do they learn about serious consequences, like a loss of financial aid, loss of gun rights, driver’s license, or more, that flow directly from the conviction. College students, especially, have a lot to lose from a criminal conviction: getting your first job is hard enough without having to explain a criminal record to employers.

A free consultation with a Denver criminal defense lawyer will give you a sense of your options. You may be able to defend the charges, you may be able to find a plea that does not affect your financial aid, or that will come off your record after some time.

Call (303) 900-8480 to discuss your case with Matthew Hand, a Denver criminal lawyer serving the entire front range and near mountains.

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