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Denver Trial Lawyer | Personal Injury

I am a seasoned trial lawyer, and I use those skills to get the best settlements for people who have been hurt in drunk driving or other car accidents. Having a lawyer who is ready for trial is the only way an accident victim gets leverage against insurance companies, who prefer to settle for pennies on the dollar. I focus on car accidents because of my extensive training and experience litigating DUI and accident cases as both a prosecutor and defense lawyer. I know these cases inside out, and I like helping people who have suffered. I will fight for compensation for you, while you focus on recovery and life. If we can not get a favorable settlement offer, we will discuss filing suit to make the insurance company pay.

How We Help

Maximum Compensation to You

We can’t turn back time and prevent your accident, so we try to get you the most money for your losses. This starts with proving the liability of the other party, which we do by reviewing police reports, researching legal issues, interviewing witnesses, and more. The process continues with a thorough review of your injuries, your expenses, and your past and continuing hardships, so that we can explain to the insurance adjuster why our demand for compensation is reasonable. The insurance company will do everything it can to give you less, but we will fight. If the insurance company continues to lowball us, we may file suit and take your case to trial.

Personal Access to Your Attorney

Unlike larger firms that may feel corporate or impersonal, the Law Office of Matthew Hand is a boutique law practice. You will have more direct contact with me than with any paralegal or secretary, so you won’t wonder what’s going on with your case, you’ll know. The trust clients put in me is a great responsibility, and I honor that responsibility with hard work and good communication from start to finish.

Minimizing Your Expenses & Hassle

In many personal injury cases, there are medical expenses that the injured person will need to pay back out of settlement funds.  Aggressive legal work and negotiation can often reduce these amounts, leaving more money in your pocket. We can handle this for you. Similarly, if you do not have insurance to cover up-front treatment, we may be able to negotiate with your medical treaters to get them to help you on a lien basis, so that you only pay them after you receive your settlement. Throughout representation, we look for opportunities to make your life easier, and to increase the net value of your settlement.

Legal Skill & Trial Skill

To effectively pursue civil claims for car accident injuries, you need both legal skills and trial skills. Matthew Hand graduated cum laude from top-ranked NYU Law and takes pride in finding all the legal angles in complex cases. He has won the majority of 40+ criminal jury trials and regularly attends advanced trial-skills trainings. Even if you want to avoid a trial and settle the case, this matters – the insurance company is more likely to make a generous settlement offer with a lawyer who is ready for trial.

What 's Next?

Call me to set up a free in-person consultation: (303) 900-8480

Come on by for a cup of coffee. Tell me about your situation, ask me questions, and we’ll see if I can help. There is never a fee unless we obtain compensation for you.

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