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License plate profiling?

The Denver Post recently reported on a lawsuit from a driver stopped and searched by law enforcement in Idaho due in large part to his Colorado license plates. The story is here. The story should serve as a reminder of…

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Felony DUI Bill Not the Answer

The Colorado Legislature is again considering establishment of a felony charge for multiple-DUI offenders, as noted in this Denver Post article. As a defense lawyer, I tend to think that rehabilitation and other measures should be exhausted before relying on…

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Result-based Crimes and Bad Luck

If two similarly situated people engage in the same criminal conduct, they should receive similar punishment, right? Often they do. But criminal law in Colorado frequently dictates dramatically different punishment for the same conduct, depending on the outcome of that…

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DUI Checkpoint Bully

Watch the Youtube clip here: Video of Checkpoint Without video evidence like this, there are many people who would never believe or understand that police can overreach, bully, and even abuse people's rights. This is video evidence of police harassment.…

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